Economic Prosperity

Hawaii’s families are facing tough economic situations, with rising costs, many are worried about how they can afford to live and care for their families. It is important that government assist and not hinder business and job creation. Too much government regulations can add to the costs of doing business in Hawaii. We must find a healthy balance where we can open Hawaii to new businesses and protect workers and families.

government transparency

Transparent governance is important because mismanagement leads to the misallocation of resources and wasteful spending, harms public and private sector development, and spreads distrust. The legislature must take a proactive oversight role to ensure that taxpayer’s money is being spent appropriately.

Investment in infrastructure

Hawaii’s aging infrastructure needs regular, continuous maintenance. It is not a surprise, that deteriorating structures will start failing at some point even without any unidentified defects. This affects our children and our schools. While new construction brings us into the modern era, the legislature must ensure that it appropriately funds the maintenance of existing infrastructure.

Public Safety

Hawaii cannot be the paradise we all know it to be if we cannot feel safe.  Property crime and vandalism are on the rise, and heavy traffic through our neighborhoods poses a serious risk to pedestrians including seniors and school children. We must work as a community to make our streets safer, for the benefit of our families and neighbors.